Solutions and Advice

We provide expert advice and support in designing a customized and inspiring learning and development journey tailored to your needs. Next to that, we offer services such as consultancy and support to further professionalize project management and make an impact on all levels.

Solutions and advice

Do you have the ambition to enhance your organization’s maturity in the field of project management? Are you seeking to foster personal growth, and boost the success of your project professionals in achieving project outcomes? We are delighted to be your dedicated partner, offering an engaging training program that propels your organization towards professionalization in project management.


Making a Difference Together

For us, a customized training program begins with building a collaborative partnership, and creating a shared ambition between our organizations. We lay the foundation by establishing a “core team” that combines our expertise with the specific knowledge of the experienced professionals in your organization. This approach has proven to be successful in creating a program where participants recognize and relate to their own real-world experiences.


Aligning with Development Needs

Our approach is rooted in the organization’s goals and needs for developing employees. We take into account both the organizational objectives, and the participants’ learning goals In order to ensure the effective application of the program in the project practice, active involvement of business managers and HR/L&D when setting up the training program is essential. They play a crucial role in aligning the content of the program with the diverse goals, and with getting the employees to actively participate in the program.


Tailored Advisory Services

We provide personalized advice on the most suitable learning and development journey for your customized program. Our recommendations are based on our expertise in navigating challenging real-world situations and our experience across various sectors.


Our advice is underpinned by best practices and proven approaches that enable individuals to effectively handle complex project scenarios. Our Learning Academy provides comprehensive support, ensuring that every aspect of the journey, from preparation to evaluation, is meticulously taken care of.


Impact at All Levels

At NIMO, we believe that making an impact goes beyond achieving professionalization outcomes. Impact, for us, means bringing about positive and systematic change in the long term. We consider our goal achieved when the desired results are evident at all levels: for the participants, the projects and teams, the organization, and ultimately, the customer.


With our services, we aim to tangibly contribute to the transition you seek to undertake as an organization, preparing you for the projects of tomorrow. We are dedicated to supporting your journey by providing solutions that create meaningful and lasting impact.


Bianca van Sommeren

Senior Learning & Development consultant

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