About us

NIMO: all about Project Management Development

Welcome to NIMO, your partner in enhancing the competencies of individuals and organizations in the realm of project-based work, project-, program- and portfolio management. Our team of seasoned professionals with firsthand experience are able to connect to your project management challenges, bridge the gap between theory and practice, and create a sustainable impact.


We specialize in providing comprehensive training, coaching, and consulting services to our clients across all levels and sectors, both domestically and internationally. Our focus is always on practical application, ensuring that the knowledge and skills acquired can be put into practice immediately.

Specialty is a choice

Empowering Project Management for over 35 years


NIMO stands firm on its core belief that project management is a true profession and specialization is the key to success. We understand that projects and programs are the driving force behind innovation and improvement. Professional project management and a project-based approach are critical success factors in any organization.


We believe in a sustainable approach that places the strategic objectives of our clients and the learning goals of participants at the forefront. We tailor our training programs to meet these objectives and learning goals. Whether it is a learning journey for project leaders at various levels, individual coaching, certification, workshops for project sponsors, or comprehensive training programs that guide the professionalization of project management and cultural change, our focus is on achieving the necessary impact. We feel a deep connection with our clients and take pride in their successful projects and the significant progress made by individuals.

Projects are About People: Collaborative Excellence at its Best

At NIMO, we believe that project work is all about people. Human-centeredness is at the core of our approach to professional development. We recognize the importance of a balanced blend of hard and soft skills for T-shaped project professionals. While knowing how to organize and structure a project is crucial, the ability to engage and inspire teams and stakeholders makes all the difference. We embrace curiosity, viewing challenging project situations from multiple perspectives, and in doing so, we foster growth not only in our participants but also within ourselves.

Collaborative Learning and Tailored Solutions

Our open training programs provide a unique opportunity for individuals to learn together and from one another, transcending organizational boundaries. Participants find this experience enriching as it demonstrates that project-based work and project management encompass universal principles, irrespective of a project’s specific content.


With our in-company clients, we strive to build long-lasting partnerships, immersing ourselves in their organizations to better serve their needs. Through collaboration with a core team comprising of both the client and NIMO, guest speakers from within the client organization, and the sharing of successes and lessons learned, we stay attuned to our clients’ realities. We bring not only our industry knowledge but also international best practices, constantly seeking further improvement and practical application in the day-to-day operations.

We are proud of our contribution to, among others:

Pushing Boundaries: Making an Impact Worldwide

We collaborate closely with multinational corporations, assisting them in enhancing project management practices on a global scale. Our training programs cater to international groups, delivered both online and on-site, in partnership with our trainers and local partners. This endeavor demands dedication from both us and the participants, but the energy and impact it generates are remarkable.


As we venture beyond borders, we bring our expertise and experience to diverse cultures and project environments. We adapt our approach to suit the unique challenges and opportunities presented by each location, fostering collaboration and exchanging ideas with local professionals. This global perspective enables us to deliver training and consultancy services worldwide.