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In the construction industry, projects are often the core business. These projects are characterized not only by technical expertise but also by diverse interests, strong dependencies, impact on the environment, unique contract types, and significant risks. With dedicated individuals who take pride in their profession and persevere where others might give up.

This calls for professional project management that focuses on various aspects, including technology, contracts, environment, project controls, and project management. It requires a well-coordinated collaboration between clients and contractors, the establishment of effective partnerships, and the ability to maintain relationships even during challenging times. Ultimately, the goal is to deliver projects with pride and satisfaction.


NIMO understands the challenges in the construction, installation, real estate, and infrastructure sectors. We train our participants to view projects from different perspectives and lay a strong foundation. With this groundwork, we build together with the team to achieve successful outcomes. We strike a balance between solid control on the technical side and the necessary adaptability on the human side.


Bianca van Sommeren

Senior Learning & Development consultant

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