Energy, Sustainability, and Climate

NIMO – Serving Energy, Sustainability, and Climate


The importance of a healthy balance between energy, sustainability, and climate has become evident to everyone. The energy transition is in full swing, and innovations rapidly emerging. Climate goals require drastic choices that must be implemented in both the public and private sectors. Long-term programs and projects with significant impact are the key to achieving this transition.

This calls for professional project management with individuals possessing a wide range of competencies to execute these programs and projects. They must accurately assess the interests of various stakeholders and respond appropriately. From addressing major climate objectives to assisting individual households awaiting or seeking sustainable solutions with the help of subsidies, project managers and their teams play a crucial role in the chain from initiation to successful handover to operations and maintenance.


NIMO understands the challenges of these transitions. We teach our participants to approach projects with a helicopter view, creating an overview, and gaining control over progress without losing sight of technical details. This way, we achieve sustainable results contributing to a healthier future.


Simon Uithol


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