Guidance and Coaching

Empowering Your Journey: Personal Certification and Professional Growth


NIMO provides you with expert guidance on your path towards personal certification such as PMP or IPMA. Our dedicated team of coaches is committed to fostering your growth and development in the exciting field of project management. Together, we will navigate the challenges and opportunities, equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel. Join us and embark on a transformative journey that will elevate your career to new heights.


In preparing you for practical assessments, we provide personalized guidance tailored to your specific learning and improvement areas. Our approach to guidance is always customized, focusing on helping you identify and achieve your goals. By emphasizing competencies such as self-reflection and self-management, we enable you to deepen your self-awareness and develop greater confidence in your abilities. Throughout this transformative process, we also offer support in the practical aspects of project documentation for the assessment.


To speed up your professional and personal development, you can get support from one of NIMO’s coaches. All coaches are fellow professionals who understand your field of work, and have experienced it firsthand. Through coaching, we assist you in growing as a project manager. Together, we explore the challenges you face in your projects or with your team. We help you set clear goals for your specific concerns, and hold up a mirror to encourage you to step outside your comfort zone. By doing so, you will discover how to effectively leverage your personal strengths, and become more aware of your own potential.


Besides individual coaching we also cover team coaching. Team coaching can be instrumental in elevating team performance and restoring a positive work environment. By engaging in open and honest conversations, teams discover each other’s strengths and learn how to leverage them effectively. Together, teams can transform good intentions and aspirations into shared goals and actions.


Building a foundation of trust is our guiding principle. With warm attention and a genuine passion for project management, we coach you on your journey. Our approach empowers you to gain insights and find answers independently, enabling you to achieve your (team) objectives.


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