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Our value proposition – Our clients


At NIMO we work in partnership with our clients to achieve maximum impact through tailor-made programs aimed at enhancing project-based work, project management, and program management within their organizations. We cater to individual employees seeking training as well as to the developmental needs of target groups at junior, mid-level, and senior positions.


We have extensive experience in enhancing project management proficiency for both clients and contractors in large organizations, including international ones. We stay up-to-date with the latest developments in the field, enabling us to understand the context effectively and serve as valuable sparring partners for project professionals.


We take great pride in the valuable contributions we make to organizations across various sectors, including but not limited to:

Construction, Installation, Real Estate, and Infrastructure Sector
In the construction industry, projects are often the core business. These projects are characterized not only by technical expertise but also by diverse interests, strong dependencies, impact on the environment, unique contract forms, and significant risks. With dedicated individuals who take pride in their profession and persevere where others might give up.

Technical and Process Industry
The technical and process industry is constantly evolving. Digitalization and robotization further enhance efficiency, while cross-border collaboration becomes essential to meet the high demands of customers. A standardized approach and a common language in project execution can make all the difference.

Maritime Industry
The maritime industry is characterized by intensive collaboration throughout the entire supply chain, from contract signing to safe voyages. Often, the focus is mainly on technology, with deadlines and budgets frequently under significant pressure. Therefore, a project-based approach and professional project management are essential.

National government, provinces, municipalities, and water boards
Governments face significant challenges in the coming years. All areas of focus, such as economy, public health, culture, infrastructure, water management, social affairs, and security, are undergoing significant changes. This calls for sustainable policies that can be translated into ambitious programs and projects of varying complexities.

Energy, Sustainability, and Climate
The importance of a healthy balance between energy, sustainability, and climate has become evident to everyone. The energy transition is in full swing, and innovations are rapidly emerging. Climate goals require drastic choices that must be implemented in both the public and private sectors. Long-term programs and projects with significant impact are the key to achieving this transition.

Healthcare, Education, Culture, and Media
If there’s one sector that demands a lot from its people, it’s healthcare, education, culture, and media. Individuals who dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their work and are always ready to support others every day. Projects are necessary to implement improvements and meet the increasingly demanding laws, regulations, and requirements of healthcare insurers and subsidy providers.

Business and Financial Services
The business and financial world has been significantly shaken up in recent years. Digitalization, security, big data, remote collaboration, internationalization, and labor market shortages are some of the challenges faced. Constantly striving to maintain a top position and develop even smarter solutions than the competition.


Bianca van Sommeren

Senior Learning & Development consultant

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We are proud of our contribution to, among others:

When you choose NIMO, you opt for over 35 years of knowledge and experience in project-based work, project, program, and portfolio management. Our training, education, and personalized guidance and coaching programs are designed to help your organization showcase the capabilities of your people and foster growth in the field of project management.