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I am always doing things I’m not supposed to do. That is just how I do them.

There is a reason for doing projects. They ultimately serve a strategic goal. The investments you make in a project should ideally pay for themselves fairly quickly, for example by reducing time-to-market, increasing company process efficiency or translating innovative ideas into concrete products with an eye to performance.


Programme and project management and a project-oriented approach are good ways of achieving this, if deployed pragmatically and fit-for-purpose. NIMO has the knowledge and experience needed to achieve this in collaboration with you. 


In addition to being a specialised training institute, NIMO is also a multidisciplinary consultancy firm for project and programme management and project-oriented approaches. We support organisations in effectively realising changes. NIMO’s expertise concentrates on four areas, and within those areas, we fulfil various roles as organisational specialists. 

The starting point is the client’s will to change. The finish line is achieving the desired performance. NIMO is strong in (project-oriented) implementation of innovation and in offering practical customised solutions for the accelerated realisation of process improvements for governments and companies, from small companies to multinationals. 

We work based on the company’s core tasks and make it possible to execute them more efficiently by strengthening people, structures and processes and the connections between them.


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