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Project leaders manage projects.

But how do we integrate management across projects? How do we ensure that the clustering of projects into programmes will maximally benefit the organisation? What organisational criteria can we apply to create a list of priorities? 

The dynamics introduced by these questions constitute the backbone of our approach. This involves six essential elements.


NIMO also consults on tasks, roles and responsibilities in programme and project management, as well as on the positions, hiring and key competencies. We collaborate with you to make the management and organisation of your company fit the role that projects (will) play. We do this, for example, by:

  • Performing a scan to establish the current function and organisation of projects;

  • Organising the project portfolio;

  • Organising operations and programme management;

  • Establishing a competence centre for project management.

Our work is always fine-tuned to your organisation and your goals.


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