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An organisation develops when its people develop.

NIMO helps expand the focus from just attending ‘training’ to collectively creating a programme focused on continuous learning and the development of project management and leadership skills. Learning and development support the improvement of performance in the organisation.

To achieve this, we apply new models and techniques, offer innovative solutions and implementation methods and evaluate the returns on investment (ROI). Within this method, we apply a 70:20:10 approach: we see learning as part of your employees’ daily work, through collaborating and discussing specific subjects with colleagues and experts and through structured development interventions. NIMO brings together this integrated interaction in the Project Management Development House.


Developments in project management have their own characteristics and dynamics. Experience and didactic expertise has led NIMO to employ its own vision for designing and realising effective 70:20:10 development programmes in project management.


We are driven to contribute to and be truly engaged in what your organisation aims to achieve. We will happily bring our enthusiasm and eye for practical implementation to a conversation with you about learning and development in your organisation, in order to come up with innovative ideas. We ask questions such as, ‘What challenges does your organisation face? What do you want to achieve? What does your organisation need to move forward? To what extent will a development programme help you achieve your goals?’


We involve our trainers in the conversations early on, creating the opportunity for everyone to contribute their own expertise and thus create added value for each other. The result of this approach can be seen in the enthusiastic responses from our participants and clients. Co-creating with the company energizes us and challenges us to continuously learn and develop. 

Would you like to create a development programme for the professionalisation of project-based working or project management? For a personal conversation, contact our Learning & Development consultant, Corine Zegers.

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