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From solution to performance

NIMO advises and supports your organisation in the improvement and professionalisation of both project-oriented approaches and project management. 

Projects, project organisation and project management require guidance, design and positioning within the organisation. We advise organisations on process improvement in project environments and support them in realising change in their company culture and implementing new ways of working. Together, we develop solutions that focus on improving the performance of the organisation. We resolve any difficulties we encounter in order to achieve better project performance.


NIMO concentrates on the development of the technological, behavioural and contextual competencies of the people involved in the project. We support organisations in anchoring the lessons learnt in practice and offer consultancy for establishing and applying tools such as handbooks and competence baselines focused on the organisation, as well as organisation-specific checklists, templates and formats. The tool must always support the goal.


The model for Professionalisation of Project Management in Organisations (PPO) is a tool for designing the professionalisation programme in an organisation. It aligns with the Project Management Maturity Model used internationally, but focuses more specifically on the European and Dutch situation.


We believe professionalisation is more than simply educating and training employees. It cannot be achieved on just one level at just one moment. Professionalisation requires an integrated approach focused on the interconnectedness of various actions, resulting in an integrated development programme that is realised on a project basis. This systematically results in the professionalisation you require.


NIMO consultants have years of experience in diverse positions and roles. They contribute expertise, concepts, advice and alternatives that enable your organisation to professionalise project management. They can also support you in clarifying the professionalisation issues based on a quick scan.


Would you like to present your issue to one of our consultants? We would be happy to make an appointment for a personal conversation to get acquainted with you and your organisation.

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