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What actions should we take?

When an organisation encounters challenges with their project-oriented approach and project management, or when they feel the need to further professionalise these issues, they are faced with a number of questions: 

What steps should we take? What options are most effective and lead to the best results? What should we do first, what can wait, and which sequence will be most productive?  Where do we want to focus, and what is less important?

To answer these questions, it can help to conduct a baseline measurement. A baseline measurement gives an organisation an impression of the strong and weak aspects of the project management in the organisation, as well as an idea of their goal level. It clarifies the points that need work. To simplify the baseline-measurement process, NIMO has developed a convenient model: Professionalisation of Project Management in Organisations (The PPO model).

The model aligns with the Project Management Maturity Model used internationally but focuses specifically on the European and Dutch situation. This enables the quick set-up of a manageable improvement programme concentrating on the key bottlenecks of a professionalisation programme and realises systematic growth of competencies.

The investigation

The baseline measurement starts with an investigation. To determine the current and desired levels of project management and compare those levels with other, similar companies, a number of employees in various positions will be selected to provide input on the maturity of project management in the organisation. This is done by having each participant complete an online survey.

The different aspects of project management, such as guidance, people, tools and the organisation of the company, are also examined. In addition, a number of company officials are interviewed to gain an even better understanding of the situation. The information is included in a summarising report, and the findings are discussed with the client. Usually, the baseline measurement is concluded with a workshop for the most important deciders and carriers for the programme.

The workshop

The results of the investigation are presented in a workshop, where we paint a picture of the current maturity level of project management in the organisation, the bottlenecks and the opportunities for development.

We see the workshop as a first important step in the further professionalisation of project management, in which best practices are shared and improvement or growth paths are defined. The workshop is concluded with the development of an action plan.


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