IPMA-D English

Target Audience

Anyone who works in projects or wants to work in projects. Certification requires no project experience, but it helps to understand the learning material.


This training program, with clearance guarantee, prepares you for participation in the IPMA-D exam and includes all the knowledge needed to complete this exam with good results. After completion of the course you will be able to:

  • Integrate the field of project management
  • Identify situations that occur in projects and place them in theory
  • Support project management in setting up, managing projects
  • To successfully complete the IPMA-D exam


This course includes the exam. At the start, we ask you to choose 2 possible exam dates so that you and the IPMA trainer can focus on this deadline. Exam dates are 1 to 3 months after the course. In the course, you will go through the substance of IPMA. The emphasis is on taking and reproducing knowledge literally. We are always committed to establish links to the practice. To use the training time efficiently, we ask you to study literature and to work out assignments. In addition, you prepare for the exam by practicing on the IPMA e-learning site of NIMO. As much as you want and need, up to 3 months after the last training day. The study tax depends on the extent to which you are able to take in knowledge. In any case, you must take into account a study load of 60 to 100 hours next to the training days. The training is done if you have passed the exam.


Day 1

  • Project, program, portfolio management
  • Project success and project management success
  • Reason, goal, result and demarcation
  • Organization

Day 2

  • Quality Risks and Opportunities
  • Phase and Structure
  • Personal communication and teamwork

Day 3

  • Estimates and plans
  • Earned value analysis
  • Project management and reporting
  • Leading project teams

Day 4

  • The 'financial language' and core concepts
  • Relationships and involvement
  • Negotiations, conflicts and crises
  • Project closure.


The program covers 4 separate days with intervals of several weeks.


    • Opleidingsprijs: 1845,00
    • Arrangement: 320,00
    • Studiemateriaal: 325,00
    • Examen: 600,00
    • Totaal exclusief BTW: 3090,00

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