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If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

Professionalisation means turning something into a profession. That is true both on the personal and the organisational level. 

Monodisciplinary project leaders can switch between content and process. Multidisciplinary project managers can impactfully fulfil the role of leader for small and large projects and operate in the complex spheres of influence of society, customers, suppliers and the organisation. Professionalisation also means optimally facilitating projects in the organisation using the same methodology for project management, structuring processes around that methodology and supporting the completion of those projects with the right tools. Professionalisation concentrates not only on those doing the job but also on the organisation itself.


The synergy required to make the professionalisation process into a success results from careful and consistent adhesion to two principles:

  • Professionalisation of project management follows four parallel lines, or focus areas.
  • Professionalisation of project management is done in steps.

The focus areas are ‘People and groups’, ‘Execution and management’, ‘Tools and systems’ and ‘Organisation and processes’. The phases, or steps, are ‘Lay the foundation’, ‘Develop’, ‘Anchor’, and ‘Progress’.


During each phase, we work on the four areas simultaneously in order to achieve steady development. Without this, lagging development in one area would hamper development in other areas. The model for Professionalisation of Project Management in Organisations (PPO) is a tool for structuring the professionalisation programme in an organisation. It aligns with the Project Management Maturity Model used internationally but focuses specifically on the European and Dutch situation. 

We believe professionalisation is more than just training and teaching employees. It cannot be achieved on just one level or at just one moment. Professionalisation requires an integrated approach focusing on the interconnectedness of various actions. This creates an integrated development programme realised according to a project-based approach. In a step-by-step system, this programme achieves the professionalisation you want.


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