Implementation of a project-oriented approach

Courses offer expertise and practice on certain skills. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that those lessons will be embedded in practice. Many mass training programmes are wasted in terms of the impact on performance.

Training in project-oriented approaches and project management cannot be successful without embedding in practice, on a personal level by the supervisor, a mentor or an external coach, and on an organisational level as a result of the efforts that anchor the lessons learnt and arrange continued learning experiences.

NIMO stands for impact on the personal and organisational levels. We support organisations that really want to get the most out of training, so that a project-oriented approach becomes a part of their daily practice and PRINCE2 is applied and becomes natural for everyone in the organisation. 

NIMO consultants have years of experience in various positions and roles. They are professionals in implementation. We (help) construct new designs and ideas but especially feel responsible for ensuring these developments translate into practice, with the right person in the right position, profit or non-profit. We respect the roots and drives of the client and use that as a foundation. We believe that the means should support the goal.


When implementing a project-oriented approach, certain tools can be the lubricant that help the implementation go smoothly. They simplify the project management methods and make them transferable, support the management and execution, and streamline project monitoring. NIMO advises on the setting up and deployment of tools such as:

  • Handbooks and checklists;
  • Electronic templates and formats.

In many cases, current tools serve as our starting point. If no tools are yet available, NIMO has several products that can be modified to meet your organisation’s needs. We always focus on simplicity and ease of use, so that our tools actually support and simplify project management.


If you would like to explore what NIMO can do for your organisation, please contact us. We would be happy to advise you on the right choice in a personal conversation.

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