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How do you get things moving?

Interest in project- and programme-based working is at a peak. Organisations and institutes new to this arena have high expectations. 

People usually realise quite soon that a project-oriented approach is more than simply doing the same things in a new way, that knowledge of the principles, methods and techniques of project-oriented approaches is essential and that it relies on a new deployment of skills. In particular, they realise that it requires a different way of thinking and of doing things for employees and for organisations. Even some organisations that have been employing a project-oriented approach for so long it is almost routine come to realise this. How do you develop further or get things moving?


The focus is always on programmes, rather than on a training session or course. The focus is on development, which requires persistence and dedication, and on the multiple specific groups and multiple levels of the organisation involved. Organisations and institutes aim to make changes, to move forward to a new way of performing.


Perhaps even more important than development programmes is the implementation of those programmes: showing people the benefits of a project-oriented approach often requires overcoming resistance, making people enthusiastic without overwhelming them and delivering a powerful translation. This distinguishes an average trainer from a true trainer. Can you overcome resistance? Can you process the subject matter to make it easy to digest? NIMO trainers make project-oriented approaches accessible in an enjoyable and thorough way.


If you would like to explore what NIMO can do for your organisation, please contact us. We would be happy to advise you on the right choice in a personal conversation.

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