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Either we find a way, or we make one.

Certification is an integral part of project management. For some project managers certification is a way to monitor how they stand compared to international standards, while others may see it as the path that defines their careers.

Some organisations aim for a uniform, measurable standard, so that employees always work in the same way, while others may view it as a way of proving (internationally) that their employees meet independent quality criteria. There are four options for certification in project and programme management: PRINCE2®, MSP®, IPMA and PMI. All four are internationally acknowledged certifications, each with their own unique features.

We work with various interventions, such as training programmes, workshops, online modules, peer coaching and team and personal coaching, for all levels, from project team members to board members, and focusing specifically on embedding the learning. During these programmes, we prefer working with internal guest speakers, co-trainers and coaches to reinforce the connection with your own organisation.


If you would like to explore what NIMO can do for your organisation, please contact us. We would be happy to advise you on the right choice in a personal conversation.

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