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Dear Champion,

Thank you for visiting our stand and participating in our Project Champion Quiz!

It turns out your favourite style is that of the accommodating Teddybear.


This style is most natural for you; but other styles can give you surprising outcomes too! NIMO offers training in project management to help you choose the best strategy for every situation.


Conflict management is only part of the full champions-package for project management. At NIMO, it is our focus to help you master every skill needed to be a project champion. We do so by training, guiding and coaching our clients on every level of project management.


Other topics that are essential to a project champion are:

  • Project control
  • (active) listening,
  • negotiating strategies,
  • working with a team,
  • writing a project plan
  • and many more,….


Getting curious? Feel free to take a look at our training programs. Are you not sure which training suits you best? We are always happy to answer questions or give you personal advice. You can contact us by filling in your details below.


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