Is Agile right for my projects and organisation?

Agile is primarily useful for projects focused on developing or designing things, not only software, where Agile was born, but also for yachts, residential areas or marketing campaigns, for example.


Agile is a method with several advantages:

  • The goal is fixed but the concrete results are not. This allows flexibility when developing a service or product.
  • All disciplines are actively involved in the project right from the start. This means the project will be the result of true teamwork.
  • The responsibilities are located low in the organisation. This increases commitment and stimulates feedback. You need each other!
  • A demo is developed fairly quickly, which you can test among end users or clients. This creates better alignment with the requirements of your target group.

Working with Agile requires a new, flexible mindset from everyone involved. Is it right for your organisation? We can explore that together. Contact us here.

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