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NIMO is the specialist in project-oriented approaches, project management and programme management.


Our mission is to facilitate people in developing themselves and strengthening their competencies. We strive to enhance learning on all levels (‘a life of learning’) and to help participants, as well as project teams and the organisation as a whole, function better. We use practice-based approaches to various interventions, training programmes, exam courses, personal management, coaching and peer coaching, always focused on the development need and practice of the participant and the organisation. We focus on everyone involved with projects and programmes, from team members to clients, since good collaboration is incredibly important for success.

We offer a wide range of training programmes for those who want to develop individually. Our participants appreciate the fact that fellow participants come from a diverse array of organisations and sectors, which broadens their horizon and insights and facilitates the dissemination of best practices.


We work in-company with organisations that want to further develop specific groups or teams. These programmes are customised for your organisation or based on our open programme, from effective ’70-20-10’ development programmes to inspiring workshops, from personal coaching to live and online project management seminars. Organisational development and personal development go hand in hand. We would be happy to advise you during a personal conversation on the right plan for your development.


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