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NIMO is a specialist in project management and is active in all sectors for big, medium and small businesses. Internationally, we work primarily with Dutch multinationals aiming to elevate their project management to the next level, regionally or globally.

Our work often concerns a development programme based on a competence framework or uniform approach, teaching effective behaviour around the world, stimulating a healthy project culture and developing uniform project language. If needed, we also arrange certification based on international standards, and our programmes facilitate the emergence of a close network of participants, enabling them to share their knowledge and experiences effectively.


Depending on the location and client’s requirements, we work either with our own trainers, with foreign partner agencies or with guest speakers or trainers from your own organisation, to optimise alignment with the local culture. Of course, we employ not only face-to-face conversations, but also modern communication technology such as Skype and webinars for international professionalisation programmes. In these programmes, NIMO utilises a set programme manager as the single point of contact for the clients.


If you would like to explore what NIMO can do for your international organisation, please contact us. We would be happy to advise you in a personal conversation.

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